Creating a Better Urban Quality of Life through Integrated Urban Design

Advances in information technology are bringing people together. People are interacting on a daily basis through their computers, phones, tablets via social media sites, blogs, e-mail etc. The information people are gaining from the internet and other sources are allowing them to become knowledgeable in areas they do not have expertise in and they have a better understanding of what’s going on. This access of information is empowering their credibility because they have the knowledge provided by information technology. Because of this people want to be more involved in the decision making of things that affect them. The advances in information, communication and overall people knowledge have made an impact in the delivery method of construction projects. The antiquated methods and processes of project delivery are no longer acceptable. Consumers are demanding integrated project delivery through the use of computer aided software. This has made the AEC industry the pioneer or the lab rat for integrated project delivery which can be applied to any type of project, including urban design.

BIM request page

John Tolva, CTO of Chicago talks about “Code for America”

Lack of experience is presenting problems related to effective means and methods of integrating people to create a better end product. Integrating people is the challenge, but integration provides a combined intelligence that only advances a project.

“Two heads are better than one” -John Heywood

In the studio I want to apply integrated project delivery principles to urban design, using advances in information systems to create a better urban city quality of life.


The more data that is available the more tools decision makers will have. The best way to record data is through electronic means. Therefore the more people use technology the more data we will have.


Data Warehouse_

Pro Forma

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