8/30 Presentation


The first set of GIS files is a set of classic boundaries within the city. The first is the neighborhood boundaries, the second is the ward boundaries, and the third is the different zoning districts within the city. The second set of files overlays all the transportation stops within the city. This was initially examined in hopes of overlaying the transportation within the city zoning to see if there were any deficiencies within the city that could be reworked through transit or rezoning and yet it is apparent that this is already the case. There are more zoning districts near these routes which indicates that they have more commercial and mixed use activity. The third set overlays TIF financing with regard to the school system. The first is a map of the different TIF districts with an overlaying of the CPS schools. The third map in this set is the schools which were closed down this past summer.


The final set looks at the TIF system. The first map is the seperate TIF disricts. The second highlights the central business district, currently responsible for over 40% of TIF spending. Third is the TIF districts with an overlay of Business Exemption districts (bright green) and Industrial corridors (dark green). Interestingly enough all Business Exemption districts fall within traditionally poorer sections of the city and yet none fall within TIF districts, whereas all industrial sectors do.


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