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When a house is not a home: Rental woes in the federal subsidy program

When Joletta Jordan moved into a private rental on the southwestern edge of Chicago earlier this year, the single mother thought that her luck had finally turned. Jordan had just been reunited with her 7-year-old daughter after recuperating from surgery in a hospital, then a nursing home. Little did she know that their new apartment, which she rented with the help of a federal rent subsidy, known as a Housing Choice Voucher, would only add to their problems.

Within a matter of months, Jordan was back at the hospital. This time, her daughter was checked in because the mold growing in their apartment touched off an asthma attack. Then, sewage started to back up in their kitchen. In July, inspectors deemed the unit uninhabitable. Jordan and her daughter had nowhere to go.

Watch the video by Tyler Stabile to see how Jordan’s story unfolds. And check out our latest investigation, “Cashed out,” which exposes the growing number of private buildings subsidized by the Chicago Housing Authority that are struggling to pass inspections.:



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  1. don’t just copy the text from the article – you must as some questions, and start linking this to other possible mediators: environment, housing, Housing Choice Voucher, mold. Follow the network of cause-and-effect! Point out new possible directions of research and sources of relevant data!

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