Social Models


When the topic of discussions involve urban areas it is difficult to ignore the different social models, concepts, and taxation methods implemented for the prosperity of that urban area. There are differences in opinions and there are different methods, its hard for anybody to claim that any such method is better than others or that it is perfect. In real life there are many challenges and issues relating to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people living together in a shared civilization and have common goals. Here I will present some information regarding the differences in opinions of the European Social Model vs. the American Way. I do not favor either, but it is important to discuss the different methods because we can implement the good and learn from the bad. We could also take these concepts and have open conversations regarding some of the issues faced in fiscal policies and issues like school closings for better budget fiscal plans.


European and US Social Models compared

2013 Macroeconomic Data

Data is available for download to excel. Lists income tax rates, tariffs, population, corporate tax rates, GDP, unemployment rate, government expenditures as a % of GDP.

See Full List of Country Rankings


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