Alderman pushes ahead on new ward boundaries

Alderman pushes ahead on new ward boundaries

A powerful Chicago alderman has decided to start recognizing the city’s new ward boundaries when it comes to making pivotal decisions on zoning and sign orders, infuriating incumbents endangered by the new map.

Nearly one year to the day after the City Council approved the new map without a vote to spare, Zoning Committee Danny Solis (25th) sent a letter to his colleagues last week informing them of his decision to implement the new boundaries.

Solis said he would continue to honor the long-standing tradition of “deferring to the aldermen of the ward in which a zoning change or sign order” is located. But, that political deference will now go to the new alderman — not the old one.

“It’s really a courtesy, a protocol. It’s not a legal thing,” the chairman said Tuesday.

Solis said he made the decision to end a year of political limbo in response to complaints from developers who “wanted to start doing business” in Chicago, but were “confused about who to talk to.”

He added, “Aldermen have two years left before the next election. They have to start serving their new constituents — not just on issues of business development. I just decided after talking to aldermen with similar experiences that it would be in the best interests of the city to start dealing with the new map.”

Ward remap passes: 2nd Ward blown up, 3rd and 4th Wards split South Loop

Ald. Fioretti mounts last-ditch effort to delay map, but overruled by Emanuel, Burke

01/19/2012 12:00 PM

By Ben Meyerson

After months of backroom wheeling and dealing, the South Loop has gained a new alderman and lost another, as Ald. Bob Fioretti’s 2nd Ward has officially been blown up and banished to the North Side in Chicago’s next ward remap.

The Chicago City Council unveiled its new ward boundaries Thursday morning at a special meeting, then promptly approved them minutes later.
The new map takes Fioretti’s 2nd Ward from the South Loop, West Loop and Near West Side, and turns it into a scribble-shaped ward that stretches from the Gold Coast to Ukrainian Village.
In the 2nd Ward’s wake, Ald. Pat Dowell’s 3rd Ward and Will Burns’ 4th Ward take over most of the South Loop, with Ald. Danny Solis taking a chunk as well.
In the West Loop and the Near West Side, Ald. Walter Burnett’s 27th Ward takes over most of the turf, with Solis taking a small chunk.












One thought on “Alderman pushes ahead on new ward boundaries

  1. This post nicely illustrates how all types of boundaries, in one way or another, undergo change — that an absolute distinction between dynamic boundaries and static boundaries is a grave over-simplification. Even something that appears on the surface to be relatively static, like these governmental boundaries, are actually undergoing a process of constant change and ongoing contestation. It is just a matter of adjusting one’s temporal perspective. One thinks of geological timescales vs. the evolutionary timescales of a mammal vs. evolutionary timescales of a flu virus. Different constituencies have different stakes in the drawing and redrawing of these boundaries. It becomes clear than in considering the overlay of different boundaries, we must consider not only spatial and typological overlaps, but also temporal overlaps. How do (radically) different “rates-of-change” of overlapping boundaries effect the meaning of these various boundaries relative to one another and to the evolution of the fabric of the city? More important to ask: How do we visualize, analyze, and ultimately act through this space of “temporal overlap”?

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