Infographics: Using Social Media for Urban Design


The Stadtbilder,  compares three  different cities Berlin, Hamburg, and München, by mapping their social interactions.  Using infographics, complex data can be translated graphically to identify patterns with an urban area. This project uses check-in dates from Yelp and Foursquare to locate patterns and trends within these cities. The check-in data was tested using different graphical representations in Processing.

Food, nightlife, shopping and music are represented by colors and the density is represented by the thickness of hatched lines. The Stadtbilder is most informative when comparing different cities and looking at how history has shaped their social interactions. For instance, Munich has a well defined center core, while Hamburg has most of its activity along the river Elbe with a few city centers, and Berlin is more spread out. How does this inform us about the future urban design of a city? What would the city of Chicago look like?




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