Can we create a Business Intelligence Dashboard with Social Media Data for free?


With all the open source software out there, it creates a great opportunity for developers, designers, etc. to test different prototypes. In the article, Creating a Business Intelligence Dashboard with R and ASP.NET MVC: Part 1, the business intelligence dashboard uses ASP.NET , Twitter Bootstrap that uses R to get data from a SQL Server database and do transformations that are rendered on the dashboard. This type of technology helps highlight trends through visualizations that are easy to understand. How could we use this tool with multiple social media data sources?

Listed on the article, here are all the companies using R.

“The New York Times routinely uses R for interactive and print data visualization.

  • Google has more than 500 R users.
  • The FDA supports the use of R for clinical trials of new drugs.
  • John Deere uses R to forecast crop yields and optimize tractor manufacturing.
  • The National Weather Service uses R to predict the extent of flooding events.
  • Zillow uses R to model housing prices.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau uses R and other open source tools.
  • Twitter uses R for data science applications on the Twitter database.
  • FourSquare uses R to develop its recommendation engine.
  • Facebook uses R to model all sorts of user behavior.”

We could begin to develop all types of relationships by visualizing the data in a user friendly dashboard.

Here is the open source software recommended in the article:

Getting Started

This application uses the following tools and technologies

  1. R – a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics,
  2. ASP.NET MVC4 – a free framework for building web applications,
  3. Twitter Bootstrap – a free collection of CSS-based design templates for interface components, as well as JavaScript extensions,
  4. a well-known demo Northwind database as source of the data,
  5. Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Express – a free database server, and
  6. Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web – a free widely used Integrated Development Environment.


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