Two weeks of of checkin data collected from Foursquare and Facebook API

Contact: Sarah Williams
Research Associates: Georgia Bullen, Francis Tan, Noa Younse
Students Researchers: Juan Francisco Saldarriaga (Project Manager), Fatima Abdul-Nabi
Status: Active
Publications: In Progress
Associated Websites:


In recent years, social media has become a crucial part of our culture. From connecting with friends and sharing images, to exploring cities through location based applications, these new services have provided us with a new infinite layer of information about our lives. This project analyzes two weeks of of checkin data collected from Foursquare and Facebook API to explore what these new ways of communicating can tell us about New York City. What are the most popular places in New York? When, Why and Where do people check-in? Which neighborhoods are the most check-in obsessed? How does Forusquare checkins compare to Facebook? Through statistical and geographical analysis, we explored all of these questions and compared them to the demographic and land use characteristics of the city. In the end our results not only show different ways of visualizing and understanding this information but a whole new level of psychological information about the city.

With Support from the Rockefeller Foundation



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