Wi-Fi Motion Tracking Approaches X-Ray Vision Technology

New advances in motion tracking are using reflected wi-fi signals to track people, and the results are proving almost limitless. The idea of motion tracking has become very popular with the release of technologies such as the Xbox Kinect. The Xbox Kinect is a gesture recognition software that uses a photon-measuring method, known as “time of flight” sensing, to track movements of people. This technology is limited, because it requires the person being measured to be in the line of sight of the camera.

The “Wi-Vi” project at MIT and the “WiSee” project at the University of Washington have been using wi-fi to track motion of people and it has been shown to be able to track gestures in all line-of-sight, non-line-of-sight, and through-the-wall scenarios. This technology has been proposed to be able to track your movements in your household, being able to turn on lights, change the temperature, etc. with the wave of an arm. It has also been studied for its potential for security purpose. This technology could track occupants of a building before police or other security enter. See some of the potentials that the University of Washington thought of in the video below.


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