Interactive Environments

Part one: About last semester

Keywords of the project are: environment, biometric, wearable, etc.

Part two: What I will probably do this semester.

Interactive Environment & Space:


Since I have the data collected from the human body and the environment , I think it is a good time to use these data as parameters to design a space or city network. I think I won’t collect more data or validate these data, my focus will be the usage of the data. I see this semester’s project as an extension of my last semester. The first way to use the data is to create a space that is based on the real-time data. For example, I walk into a space, this space can actually change when my biometric data changes. Not like the traditional way of design, this space is actually designed by me, not the the designer. I can interact with the space, I can change the space whenever I want. No extra time, no extra cost.


This project could be as large as the city scale or can be small like a bedroom. The way I use data is different. When I want to design the city network , I have to used the history data that I collect last semester, because it is hard to change a city form rapidly. When I want to design a interior space, I think using the real-time data would be more appropriate, because the interior space can change easily by using some motors or servos.

Explain with pics and videos

3 Tools 


3D modeling tool like Rhino or City Engine is essential. Rhino can actually interact with the external source of data(from database) through grasshopper, and the great thing about grasshopper is that it can control the physical environment through Firefly. Firefly is a plugin of grasshopper, it fills the void between the Rhino and Arduino. Arduino can receive data from rhino, and vise versa.  So in this project , most of the knowledge and techniques I learned in last semester can be reused and create something new.



There are  a lot of physical sensing device like Kinect, Wii , microphone, webcam that Firefly can directly read from. So this project could be much more interesting if these devices can get involved.

People can actually have fun with the space they created!


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