Opportunity area

First Join the 311vacant report with city zoning table.  So we can see which vacant building located in the business area.

–SELECT z.gid, z.zone_class, z.the_geom, rpt.gid, rpt.request_ty, rpt.vacant_or_, rpt.geom
–From rpt_311vacantlotreports_20082013 AS rpt
–LEFT JOIN cty_zoning2 AS z
–ON st_within(rpt.geom,st_setsrid(z.the_geom,3435))
–ORDER BY rpt.gid


Then I choose those vacant buildings that locate in the place which zoning type is B,C,D,M.

SELECT * FROM chenxingzone
WHERE zone_class LIKE ‘B_-_’ OR zone_class LIKE ‘C_-_’ OR zone_class LIKE ‘D_-_’ OR zone_class LIKE ‘M_-_’)


Then using this table join the table of footprint. We can know details of those vacant buildings, like building area, building shape and how many floors those building have.

SELECT b.bldg_id, b.stories_number, b.bldg_sq_fo,  b.shape_area b.geom zo.zone_class, zo. geom

FROM cty_buildingoutlines AS b

LEFT JOIN selectzone as zo

ON ST_WITHIN(zo.geom, b.geom)

ORDER BY b.bldg_id


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