Business park midterm



Find a location for big coming company



In the past many companies moved out of Chicago, but now a lot of companies begin to move into Chicago. Most of those companies are financial company, high-tech manufacturing and food-making factory.


In the future, more and more same kind of companies will come into Chicago. I want to collect data from  those companies which have already moved into Chicago and offer some suggestions to those  companies that want move into Chicago and help them to choose right location.


1 Analysis those companies which have already moved into Chicago and find reasons that why they choose this location. I will choose three kinds of company, financial company, high-tech manufacturing and food makeing factory.  Differnent kinds of companies have different requirements like  workers, equipments, working space, transportion cost and so on. Different elements will form different buffers in data base. The location of company should be in coincidence place of different buffers.  For example, different companies need different kind of persons.  The average of travel time in Chicago is 31 minutes.  So there will be buffer of 31 minutes traveling around the location of company.

2  Using those data build a data base model. That will be a map of different buffers. When I use it, I just need to know what kind of company and choose the right buffers for this company. The coincidence place with different buffers is the location that the company should choose.