Over the course of the semester we will drive work through a series of phases with formal reviews at the completion of each phase.

  • Week 1 + 2  – Establishing an agenda
    what issues and what problem spaces define the direction of your research

    • Phase Review 9/4 – 1 page written abstract for analysis, assigned quantity of blog posts completed, proof of mapping functionality
  • Week 3 + 4 – Exhaustive Data Acquisition + Urban Analysis Drafts
    during this phase we will fully block out the scope, graphic methodologies, and initial hunches of the analysis, collect and organize all available data related to our issues while amassing a significant body of research on technologies related to the broader issues of the course

    • Phase Review – 9/16 – Formal review of urban analysis, data schema modeling, acquired data
  • Week 5 + 6 – Analysis Refined + Technology Resolutions
    analytical visualizations are completed and technology research is more specifically related to individual agendas with comprehensive data structured and populated.

    • Phase review 9/27 – Formal review of fully resolved urban analysis accompanied by technology report
  • Week 7 – Prototype Proposal Development
    a formal proposal for the urban data system protoype will be prepared for midterm presentation

    • Phase Review 10/9 – Formal review of fully resolved proposal for Urban Data System prototype
  • Week 8 + 9 – Prototype 1 – proof of concept
    initial prototype will fully block out all modes of operation for testing interaction design as mockups and isolated working technical tests

    • Phase Review 10/18 – Formal review of proof of concept prototype
  • Week 10 + 11 – Prototype 2 – proof of functionality
    second prototype will see refinement of interaction design, basic production of visual + physical elements and rough but interconnected technologies to demonstrate operability

    • Phase Review 11/5 – Formal review of proof of functionality prototype
  • Week 12 – 15 – Prototype 3 – proof of experience
    final prototype will further develop the experience design, readying for public presentation as a fully resolved, working, and aesthetically refined experience

    • Phase Review 11/26 – Formal review of proof of experience prototype
    • Final Presentation Scheduled By Cloud Studio Director

Students will review progress during assigned studio time, with Jordan Kanter on Monday’s and will visit SOM for studio meetings on Friday’s for visits with Thomas Hussey or Keith Besserud.  Thomas Kearns is generally available Tuesday + Thursday from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.  It is expected that all students make arrangements to meet with Thomas for a complete review of progress each week.  Fixed meeting times may be negotiated with Thomas.


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