Umapper, tool to map tweets

The UMapper plugin is a universal mapping platform that makes it a snap to create engaging maps and add them to your blog posts.

Microsoft Bing, Google Maps, Yahoo, OpenStreet and CloudMade are all supported by this truly universal plugin.

Home page of Umapper:

The latest from (@umapper). The easiest way to create, distribute, track, monetize online maps. See for more info.


UMapper is a universal map authoring application, which allows users to create interactive maps and distribute them online. UMapper works with map providers such as OpenStreetMap, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google and others.

The current version supports points, lines, polygons as well as geonames and Wikipedia search.

UMapper is built using proprietary mapping API UMap. Saved maps can be exported as KML or ActionScript 3.0.

UMapper map authoring application is available as a plugin for WordPress.

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Worldwide GIS database

A worldwide map containing downloadable geolocated, data-rich shapefiles is now available on the OpenStreetMap site. The information is exported as an .osm file, a type of XML file that can be read and dynamically imported by CityEngine. While the information contained in the geo-database consists of base layers from mapquest (street centerlines, street widths, building footprints and heights, religious centers, hospitals, bike paths, public transportation lines, parks, etc.), it is a useful resource for generating data-rich base models from actual conditions. A tutorial describing how to import this file type (among other file types) and generate city-wide 3D geometry in CityEngine can be found here: